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Photographer John G Wheeler

Symonds & Wheeler

Brown & Wheeler

Active Period c1865-1880
Lifespan Born:  c1828   Camberwell, Surrey Died:  1905   Northwood, IOW
Studio Addresses Shooters Hill, Northwood, Cowes
Associates John Symonds, John Brown
Trade History 1865 Harrod & Co's Directory Hampshire & IOW (page 1113)
Symonds & Wheeler, photographic artist, Shooters Hill, West Cowes
Evidence Found
1866 - estimated date of photo - see below
1880 - estimated date of photo - see below
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc

Example of a Symonds & Wheeler photo and back estimated to be c1866.
This has the addresses 5 Above Bar, Southampton and Wilton House, West Cowes
My thanks to Antony Barton (Newport) for the above photo.

Wheeler.jpg (15569 bytes)
Wheeler2.jpg (23363 bytes)
Example of a Wheeler's photo and back estimated to be c1880.
Although the back has been heavily stained, it is just possible to make out most of the writing on the scroll, viz "J G Wheeler - Cowes - Isle of Wight".

My thanks to Andy Civil for the above photo. Andy would be very interested to hear from other researchers with CIVIL interests. His e-mail is

The photo is of Andy's 2xg-grandfather, Thomas Godsell Civil, born 1821 in Cowes.

Family History According to the 1881 census, John George Wheeler was born c1828 in Camberwell, Surrey. However, it is not known if he is a descendant of the Island's indigenous Wheeler/Whillier/Williar family. In the 1881 census, John is listed as a photographer living at Shooters Hill, Northwood along with his Island born wife Sophia, five daughters and a step-mother, Harriet Callingham, form Norfolk. Interestingly, the three eldest daughters were born in Winchester (c1853-58) and the younger two on the IOW (Annie at East Cowes c1860 and Ada at West Cowes c1863). Thus, it would appear that the family moved to the Island c1859; settling first in East Cowes and then West Cowes/Northwood.

It is highly likely that John was the 'Wheeler' who was in partnership with John Symonds of Newport and trading as 'Symonds & Wheeler' at Shooters Hill c1865. Likewise, with John Brown and trading as 'Brown & Wheeler' at High Street & Shooters Hill c1867-75.

John George Wheeler died in 1905 aged 77 years and was buried at Northwood Cemetery on 28th February. Coincidentally, his wife Sophia who pre-deceased him had been buried on that day in 1894.

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