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Photographer Alfred Pike
Active Period c1874 - 1897  and to at least c1937 by descendants
Lifespan Born:  c1841   London Died:  1897   IOW
Studio Addresses 2 Medina Villas, Palmerston Road & Esplanade, Shanklin (Alfred & Margaret Pike)
1 Cambrian Villas, Landguard Road, Shanklin (Edward Pike from c1924)
Associates Margaret Agnes Pike (wife)  c1897 - 1928
Edward Dordan Pike (son)  bef 1924 - 1929
Ethel Fanny Pike (daur-in-law) 1929 - 1c1937
Trade History 1898 Kelly's Directory IOW (page 313 & 485)
Alfred Pike, photographer, 2 Medina Villas, Palmerston Road & Esplanade, Shanklin

1899 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & IOW (pages 655 & 948)
Mrs Margaret Pike, photographer, 2 Medina Villas, Palmerston Road & Esplanade, Shanklin

1910 Kelly's Directory of IOW
Mrs Margaret Pike, photographer, 2 Medina Villas, Palmerston Road & Esplanade, Shanklin

1915 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 1090)
Mrs Margaret A Pike & Son, photographers, 2 Medina Villas, Palmerston Road & Esplanade, Shanklin

1921-22 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 729)
Edward Pike, photographer, Esplanades & 1 Cambrian Villas, Landguard Road, Shanklin

1924-25 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 486)
Edward Pike, photographer, Esplanades & 1 Cambrian Villas, Landguard Road, Shanklin

1927 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 1106)
Mrs Margaret A Pike & Son, photographers, 2 Medina Villas, Palmerston Road & Esplanade, Shanklin
Edward Pike, photographer, The Arcade, High St, Shanklin

1937 Kelly's Directory of IOW
Mrs E F D Pike, photographer, 7 Esplanade, Shanklin

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Family History Alfred Pike was born in St Pancras, London c1841. At the time of the 1871 census, 29 year old Alfred was working as a hair dresser's assitstant, living with his wife Margaret and their baby daughter Florence in St Pancras, London. By 1881, the family had moved to the Island, where the 1881 census records him as being a 39 year old photographic artist living at 2 Medina Villas, Palmerston Road, Shanklin. Also living with Alfred were his London born wife, Margaret Agnes (33), and four children, Florence (11), Alfred (10), George (3) and Edith Lily (10 months). The elder two children had been born in London and the younger two in Shanklin, which suggests the family arrived on the Island between 1871 and c1877. Although yet to be confirmed, it is thought that Alfred's wife may have been nee Dordan, as this name features as a middle name in several generations of their descendants.

In the 1891 census, Alfred was described as a 50 year old photographer and still living at the same address Shanklin; the family being extended by the addition of two more children, Edward Dordan (8) and John (6) - both born in Shanklin. Alfred's two older children, Florence & Alfred, were not listed at that address, and their whereabouts at that time is unknown.

Alfred Pike died in April 1897 and was buried at Shanklin Cemetery - although his name still appeared in Kelly's Directory for 1898.

After Alfred's death, the photographic business was run by his wife Margaret, as evidenced by the 1899 & 1910 Kelly's Directories entries above. The 1901 census also records Margaret as being a photographer (although her age had been rounded down to 50!), as does the 1911 census (now aged 65). It is imagined that Margaret was very capable at running the business, having probably been assisting her husband before he died. Margaret died at the age of 81 in January 1928 and was buried with her late husband at Shanklin Cemetery.

After Margaret's death, and probably some time beforehand, the photographic business was taken over in its entirety by her son Edward Dordan Pike. It is not known exactly when Edward entered the family photographic business, but a Kelly's Directory entry confirms that he was an established photographer by 1924. However, the 1901 census records that Edward started his working life as a house carpenter - possibly being influenced by his brothers George & John who were then described as house painters. Likewise, the 1911 census also records Edward working as a house painter and carpenter, living in Shanklin with his wife Ethel from Chillerton and their three young children. Unfortunately, Edward survived his mother for only just over a year, dying in March 1929 at the age of 47. Edward was buried at Shanklin Cemetery, where he was to be joined later by wife Ethel Fanny in 1943.

Following Edward's untimely death, it would appear that his wife, Ethel Fanny, continued to run the business (at the Esplanade) until at least 1937.

Of Alfred & Margaret Pike's other children, it is known that George married Mary Dunne in 1904 and lived in East Cowes until after WW2, and John married Clara Martin in 1908 and lived in Cowes.

Alfred Pike junior, son of photographer Alfred Pike, was summoned for assaulting photographer Edward La Porte on 23rd September 1896 at Shanklin Chine. La Porte stated that he was standing on a bridge crossing a brook at the foot of Shanklin Chine when Pike wilfully pushed him and spat in his face saying "Get off my bridge". During the hearing it was revealed that the bridge, consisting of three planks, had been put there by Pike's father with permission of the Local Board 15 years ago for the purpose of taking photographs. La Porte had attempted to take photographs from the bridge, and Pike told him not to do so, Pike denied the alleged assault, as confirmed by a witness who said he hadn't touched La Porte or spat in his face. The Court did not find the case very serious, and fined Pike 5s without costs. Pike was also summoned for threatening to throw La Porte into the brook on the 28th September, but the Bench dismissed the case.
Above is an extract of the report in the IW County Press 10 October 1896

My thanks to Ann Barrett for supplying the above press cutting.


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