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Photographer Frederick James Matthews
Matthews & Son(s)
Active Period 1874 - 1925
Lifespan Born:  c1833  Seaview, IOW Died:  1897  IOW
Studio Addresses Oscar Cottage, Seaview
33 St John's Road, Ryde
43 St John's Road, Ryde
Dalvey Villa, St John's Road, Ryde
The Dalvey Studio, St John's Road, Ryde
Associates Edward Vinter Matthews (son 1855 - 1925)
Established 1874 (see last photo example)
Trade History 1881 Census
T J Mathews [sic], photographer, 43 St John's Road, Ryde

1898 Kelly's Directory of IOW (pages 251 & 551)
Matthews & Son, photographers, 33 St John's Road, Ryde

1899 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & IOW (page 638)
Matthews & Son, photographers, 33 St John's Road, Ryde

1910 Kelly's Directory of IOW
Matthews & Son, photographers, 33 St John's Road, Ryde

1915 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 1090)
Matthews & Son, photographers, 33 St John's Road, Ryde

1921-22 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 729)
Matthews & Son, photographers, 33 St John's Road, Ryde

1924-25 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 485/6)
Matthews & Sons, photographers, 33 St John's Road, Ryde

Evidence Found
1879 - annotated date of photo - see below
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc

A very early example of a Fred Matthews' photo with the Oscar Cottage, Seaview address,
where he was living in 1871
My thanks to Antony Barton (Newport) for supplying this photo & back.

Matthews5.jpg (13599 bytes)
An example of Matthews' photo back thought to be mid 1870's
My thanks to Jane Merry (Uxbridge) for supplying this photo back.

Matthews & Sons 3Matthews & Sons 4
More examples of Matthews photo backs - one on the right is dated 1879

Matthews & Son 1
Matthews & Son 2
Matthews6.jpg (26220 bytes)
Examples of Matthews' more artistic photo backs
My thanks to Sally-Ann Garrett for the bottom photo back example.

Matthews7.jpg (50130 bytes)
Another example of a Matthews' back advertising night-time portraits (date unknown)
My thanks to Joan Cordell for this photo back example.

A Matthews' advertisement from the IW Observer 12 August 1876

A later advertisement from the IW Observer 14 January 1899
My thanks to Ann Barrett for locating the above adverts.

Above is a mystery glass plate negative of a photo taken of woman's portrait photo pinned to a wall. The original portrait photo was taken by Matthews, but who took the photo of it and why? This was sent to me by Shimon Joseph whose father has a collection of similar glass plates.

Family History Frederick James Matthews was born in Seaview c1833, the son of James and Maria (nee Wheeler). In the 1871 census, Frederick was found living at Oscar Cottage, Seaview with his wife Jennette (nee Cave, born Ryde), their 15 year old son Edward and 13 year old daughter Maria (both children also born Ryde). Interestingly, Frederick was listed as a mariner, which may account for his absence from the 1861 census when Jennette (described as 'head') and children were found living in Ryde.

At the time of the 1881 census, Frederick was listed as a photographer living at 43 St John's Road, Ryde.  Also living with him was his wife and son Edward Vinter who was also listed as a photographer.  Two years later, Edward married Emily Eliza Farmer (from Newport), the daughter of George Farmer a French polisher from Bath.

By the time of the 1891 census, Frederick and Jennette had moved to 30 St John's Road, while Edward and his wife Emily Eliza were living nearby at number 33. Both Frederick and Edward were listed as photographers.

Frederick James Matthews died aged 63 in June 1897 and was buried at Ryde Cemetery. His wife Jennette died aged 84 in August 1917 and was also buried at Ryde Cemetery.

Following Frederick's death, Edward continued to trade under the name Matthews & Son until his own death at the age of 68 in June 1925. Edward was buried at Ryde Cemetery and was later joined by his wife Emily (aged 72) in October 1929.

Although it is not yet known if Edward and Emily had any children, the directory entry for 1924-25 in which the name changed to Matthews & Sons, could indicate Edward's own son(s) coming into the business.

My thanks to Jon Matthews (Cowes) for contributing to the above family history.

Further Notes Jon Matthews is a descendant of the Matthews' family from Bembridge. Strangely, even though Bembridge is very near to Seaview where the above photographer's family was from, Jon has established there is no connection between the two. However, Jon would still be pleased to hear from anyone who might have an interest in either family <>.

Yet another Matthews' photographer has come to light - Henry Edward Matthews of Seaview (1849-1936). Henry was primarily a builder, but also earned income from photography. Henry wrote a book 'Hist! The Smugglers are out!' published in 1930 in which he recounts some of his photographic exploits c1886. A transcript of this book can be found on Antony Barton's website
My thanks to Antony Barton (Newport) for informing me about his relative Henry Matthews. Antony has not yet discovered any connection between Henry and photographer Frederick Matthews who also came from Seaview.

I have since been advised that Henry Matthews was a cousin of Frederick Matthews, and examples of Henry's photographs and the Matthews' family history can be found on Peter Matthews excellent website


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