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Photographer John Long   or   G & J Long
Active Period 1872 - 1901
Lifespan Born:  c1855  Newport, IOW Died: 
Studio Addresses 116 St James' Street, Newport  (sometimes named 116 Lower St James Street)
51 Kingston Road, Portsmouth
Associates George Long (brother) up to c1889
Walter G Long (son) from c1900
Established 1875
Trade History 1881 Census
John Long, photographer, 116 St James Street, Newport

1891 Census
John Long, photographer, 116 St James Street, Newport

1895 IW County Press Advertisement (1 Jun 1895, page 4)
Long & Co, photographers, 116 St James Street, Newport

1898 Kelly's Directory of IOW (pages 169 & 551)
John Long, photographer, 116 Lower St James Street, Newport

1899 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & IOW (page 622)
John Long, photographer, 116 St James Street, Newport

1901 Census
John Long, photographer, Portsmouth, Hants

Evidence Found
1872 - dated example photo back below
c1890 - estimated date of example photo below
c1896 - estimated date of photo with both Newport and Portsmouth studios
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc
GJLong.jpg (13316 bytes)
Example of a G & J Long's photo back dated 1872

My thanks to Diana Wheeler (Melbourne) for the above photo.


JLong1.jpg (10483 bytes)
Example of a J Long's photo thought to be after 1890

My thanks to Ray Powell (near Leeds) for the above photo.

Ray came across this photo whilst clearing his father's house but has no idea who the subject could be. If you recognise the subject, please contact Ray at


JLong2.jpg (29492 bytes)
Two further examples of J Long's photos having different logos and plain backs, dates unknown

My thanks to Janet Bush (Ontario, Canada) for the above photos.

Janet came across these photos in her grandmother's (Maude Emily Young nee Urry) family album. The woman on the left is Emily Urry (b1849, a known relative), and the woman on the right, Jessie Urry for whom a family connection has not yet been established. If you know where Jessie Urry fits in, please contact Janet at


JLong3.jpg (16887 bytes)JLong4.jpg (18654 bytes)
Another example of a J Long photo showing both his Newport and Portsmouth studio addresses c1896

My thanks to Phil Males (Basingstoke) for the above photo.

The above photo is of Phil's grandmother Edith Ellen Jolliffe. Since Edith was born c1881, and she appears about 15 years old in the photo, the photo was probably taken c1896. Phil is undertaking a one-name study on the name MALES (including MAYLES, MAILS and MAILES, but not MALE) and would be pleased to hear from anyone having similar interests. You can e-mail Phil at


Another example of a J Long photo having a different back but still showing both his Newport and Portsmouth studio addresses, again thought to be c1896

My thanks to Ann Barrett for the above photo.

The photo is thought to be of a Wray relative. If you can help, then I'm sure Ann would like to hear from you <>

Family History John Long was born c1855 in Newport. In the 1881 census he is recorded as being a photographer, age 25 and unmarried, living at 116 St James Street, Newport. The head of the household was his elder brother George who also had living with him his wife Mary and baby son George W[illiam]. George snr was described as a stage dresser and picture framer, with whom John was initially in business.

George snr died in 1889 at the premature age of 47, (his son George William having predeceased him in 1881 at the age of 18 months) which ended the partnership, if it had not been terminated previously.

By the time of the 1891 census, John had married and was still living at the same address in Newport along with his wife Matilda and their two children Walter (age 4) and Lilian (age 2) - all from Newport. George's widow, Mary, was not found in the IOW 1891 census, so may have left the Island or remarried.

Although the 1895 IW County Press advertisement (see above) refers to 'Long & Co', it is not known who else was involved in the business - possibly a family member or the photographer Ernest Kime who, later, took over the business. The example photo above estimated taken c1896 shows that Long was running both his Newport and Portsmouth studios for a period, presumably during the transition before finally giving up his Newport operation.

By the time of the 1901 census, the family had moved to Portsmouth with John being described as a photographer and his son, Walter, an assistant photographer.


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