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Photographer Cyril Linden
Active Period 1901 - 1908
Lifespan Born:  c1877  Chelsea, London Died: 
Studio Addresses Westwood, Well Street, Ryde
113A High Street, Ryde
Trade History 1898 Kelly's Directory IOW (page 238)
Clarence Linden, Westwood, Well Street, Ryde
(Cyril's father)

1899 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & IOW (page 632)
Clarence Linden, Westwood, Well Street, Ryde
(Cyril's father)

1906 Kelly's Directory IOW (Photographers index page 662)
Cyril Linden, photographer, 113A High Street & Westwood, Well Street, Ryde

Evidence Found
1908 - estimated date of photo - see below
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc
Linden1.jpg (18240 bytes)
Example of an early Linden photo, c1900 

My thanks to Julian Baker (Fareham) for the above photo.

Julian believes the above photo is of his great-grandfather Cephas Daish who was born in 1850 at St Helens and died in 1927 at Ryde. Although the reverse carries a date stamp of 7 MAR 1922? and various annotations (including what appears to be a handwritten date of 26.3.9), these are unclear and, hence, their significance is uncertain. An alternative possibility is that the photo is of James Petty (father of William who married Cephas' daughter Lily). If you can confirm identity of the subject, please let me know so that I can pass on the news to Julian.

Linden2.jpg (11140 bytes)
Close up of Linden's trade logo from above photo

Another example of a Linden photo estimated c1908

Close up of Linden's ornate trade logo from above photo

My thanks to Sally-Ann Garrett (IOW) for the above photo.

Sally-Ann bought this photo at an antique shop and the subject is unknown. If you can identify the gentleman, please let me know so that I can pass on the news to Sally-Ann.

Two more examples of early Linden photos showing the address Westwood Well Street
The one on the left is of 17 Well Street (Ladysmith) and, on the right, an unknown family who may have lived there

My thanks to Barbara Clarkson (South Africa) for the above photos from her family album.
Barbara hasn't yet found a connection with the IOW and would be delighted to hear if anyone can identify the family!


Family History Cyril Linden was born c1877 in St Georges, Chelsea, London, the son of a musician & vocalist Clarence Linden from Marylebone, London, and his wife Mabel from Plymouth, Devon.

At the time of the 1891 census the family was living at Westwood, Well Street, Ryde, and 13 year-old Cyril was an only child and scholar. It was noticed that one of their close neighbours was the photographer Henry Morris, and it is possible he may have inspired Cyril to take up photography.

The family was still living in Well Street, Ryde at the time of the 1901 census; the census recording house number 11 which is assumed to be Westwood. By then, 23 year old Cyril was working as a photographer on his own account at home. The census also records his father, Clarence, as being a 55 year old musician & vocalist from Marylebone and his mother, Mabel, aged 45 from Plymouth - matching the 1891 entries.

In 1902, Cyril Linden married Margaret Ann Flint at Holy Trinity Church, Ryde. Margaret, born in Ireland c1876, was the daughter of Charles & Edith Flint. Charles, a toll collector, was born in Ireland c1847 and had married Edith Chambers from Ryde at Sandown in 1872. After the birth of their first child c1874 in Sandown, the family apparently moved to Ireland where Margaret was born. The family then spent several years in Malta where more children were born before returning to the Island c1884; settling in Ryde where further children were born.

Cyril and Margaret had, at least, two children; Eric Hyde (born 1902) and Clarice May (born 1903) - their baptisms at Holy Trinity Church, Ryde recording their father's occupation as a photographer. It is not known when Cyril opened his studio at 113A High Street, Ryde.

Cyril Linden put his property of Westwood, Well Street and his photographic shop & studio at 113A High Street up for sale by auction on 24 Nov 1908. Photographer Hugh Nichols had already taken out a lease on the studio from 17 Aug 1908.

Cyril Linden and family left the Island and moved to Middlesex where a daughter, Edith Mabel, was born at Wealdstone in the spring of 1909. Later, at the time of the 1911 census, the family was living in Wembley, where Charles was still working as a photographer on his own account at home. Meanwhile, the photographer Hugh Nichols continued in business at 113A High Street, Ryde until at least 1939.

Further Notes The only Cyril Linden found in the LDS 1881 census index (and of the right age too) was found living at 45 Great Percy Street, Clerkenwell, London. Strangely, he is recorded as being the son of J Linden, a 43 year old traveller from Germany, and his wife Mary A Linden, 26 years old from Devon.  Unfortunately, Cyril's birthplace is not recorded which would have helped to confirm his identity. However, Cyril's father, Clarence the vocalist, was found living as a visitor in West Street, Ryde, at the time, but his mother, Mabel, could not be found. It must be more than a coincidence that the Mary A Linden found living in London was born c1854 in Devon - the same as the Mabel recorded in the 1891/1901 censuses. One possible explanation is that the J Linden from Germany with whom Mary (Mabel?) and Cyril had been living in 1881 was, in fact, a relative of Clarence - perhaps a brother. I would welcome any information which might help to clear up this mystery.

Holy Trinity Social Club - At a smoking concert in connection with this Club, on Monday the Vicar (Rev. W. M. Cameron) in the chair, songs were sung by Messrs. E. J. Wheeler, F. W. Brigden, F. Dale, and A. A. Tutte. Mr. A. Percy James, who accompanied played a pianoforte solo and Mr. C. Linden a mandoline solo. Medals were presented to Messrs. Hayles and Cooper, members of the harriers team. The Rev. H. B. Brew gave selections on the gramophone.
IW County Press 24 Nov 1900

On 23 July 1905, Cyril Linden had the misfortune to witness a fatal road accident in the High Street, Ryde. An extract from the inquest written in the local press reads "....Cyril Linden, photographer, deposed that he witnessed the accident from the steps of his shop. He saw Dr Pridmore's trap coming down the street. Deceased was on the pavement when witness first saw him. As the trap passed him he deliberately stepped off and the lamp on the vehicle caught him in the back. He fell on his face..."
IW County Press, 29 Jul 1905
This account confirms that Linden had a shop in the High Street at the time.

On 14 Nov 1908 the IW County Press reported that Cyril Linden's property of Westwood, Well Street and his photographic shop & studio at 113A High Street would be sold by auction on 24 Nov 1908. The article also stated that the latter was to be leased to Mr H R Nichols for a term of 14 years from 17 Aug 1908.
IW County Press, 14 Nov 1908

My thanks to Ann & Les Barrett for supplying the above press cuttings.


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