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Photographer Henry Jolliffe aka Jolliffe & Co
Active Period 1852 - 1878
Lifespan Born:  c1831  Ryde, IOW Died:  c1909  IOW
Studio Addresses Nelson Street, Ryde
(Bowyer's Rooms), Esplanade, Ryde
Established 1852
Trade History 1859 White's Directory of IOW
Henry Jolliffe, photographer, Nelson Street, Ryde

1861 Census
Henry Jolliffe, photographer, Grenville House, Nelson Street, Ryde

1865 J G Harrod & Co Directory of Hampshire & IOW (page 1150)
Jolliffe & Co, photographic artist, Esplanade, Ryde

1867 Kelly's Directory of IOW
Henry Jolliffe, photographer, Esplanade, Ryde

1871 Census
Henry Jolliffe, photographer, Helena House, Strand, Ryde


Evidence Found
c1861 - estimated date of photos - see below
c1867 - estimated date of photos with negative numbers 3011 & 3084 - see below
c1867 - estimated date of photo with negative number 3784 - see below
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc

Examples of Jolliffe's framed photos estimated taken c1861. The reference to 'Bowyer's Rooms' on the back suggests that Jolliffe was sharing the studio with the former occupier photographer William Bowyer who was operating there until around 1861.

My thanks to Emma Meijer-Hardy for supplying the above photos.
The photos are possibly of a mother and daughter. The lower photo is annotated 'Great Grandmother' but her name is not decipherable. Emma would be interested to know if anyone recognises the subjects.

Later examples of a Jolliffe & Co photos with the Esplanade address c1867 and negative numbers 3011 & 3084

The above two photos are from my own family album and are of my 2xg-grandparents Isaac & Sarah Carley.

Later example of a Jolliffe & Co photo with the Esplanade address c1867 and negative number 3784

My thanks to Shannon Michael for supplying the above photo.
The unidentified photo was part of a collection from Shannon's family in Southampton and Winchester, and maybe a member of his Hawkins family.

Family History Henry Jolliffe was born c1831 in Ryde, the son of a butcher James Jolliffe and his wife Maria from Wimborne, Dorset. In the 1841 census, 10 year old Henry was living with his parents and older siblings at Pier Street, Ryde. By the time of the 1851 census, his father had died, and Henry was living with his widowed mother Maria (described as a lodging house keeper) along with two of her grandchildren at 46 Pier Street, Ryde. Henry's occupation was recorded as being a watchmaker.

By the time of the 1861 census, Henry and his mother had moved to Grenville House, Nelson Street, Ryde, where his mother was still running a lodging house and Henry was now occupied as a photographer. Henry and his mother had moved to Helena House, in the Strand area of Ryde by the time of the 1871 census. His older sister Mary was now running the lodging house, and the household included a couple of their young relatives and some boarders. Henry was sill occupied as a photographer.

Henry's mother, Maria, died in 1877 (being buried at Ryde Cemetery) and this may have been the reason Henry gave up his studio on the Esplanade the following year (see newspaper account below). This may have also signalled a career change for Henry, because in the 1881 census he is recorded as being a butcher living as the sole occupant at 7 Castle Street, Ryde. However, this career may have been short-lived, because in the 1891 census 60 year old unmarried Henry is recorded as being a general dealer, now living again as sole occupant at 54 Albert Street, Ryde.

Henry was still living as sole occupant at 54 Albert Street at the time of the 1901 census, but now working as a tea agent on his own account. It is believed Henry died in 1909 as a death of a Henry Jolliffe of eligible age was registered at Ryde then. However, positive confirmation of this fact is awaited as the death of another Henry Jolliffe of similar eligible age was registered at Newport in 1910.

Further Notes "The removal of the photographic studio on the Esplanade, for many years carried on by Mr. H. Jolliffe, has again brought to view one of Ryde's ancient cottages, with stuccoed front, &c., which was for many years the residence of Mr. Beasley, and where, close to the wash of the sea, the old gentleman was often to be seen enjoying his pipe of Virginia, and spinning sea yarns to the youngsters."
 - IW Observer, 19 October 1878

My thanks to Ann Barrett for supplying the above press cutting.


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