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Photographer Frederick Hudson
Active Period c1863 - 1889
Lifespan Born:  1821   Limehouse, Middx Died:  1889   Ventnor, IOW
Studio Addresses High Street, Ventnor (up to c1870)
Mill Street, Ventnor (from c1870)
Associates Purnell
Trade History 1865 Harrod & Co's Directory Hampshire & IOW (page 1170)
Frederick Hudson, photographer & ladies outfitting house, High Street, Ventnor

1867 Kelly's Directory of IOW
Frederick Hudson, photographer, High Street, Ventnor

1875 Kelly's Directory of IOW
Frederick Hudson, photographer, Mill Street, Ventnor

1878 White's Directory of Hampshire (page 601)
Frederick Hudson, photographer, 1 Regent Parade and lodgings St Boniface Road
Frederick Hudson, photographer, 1 [sic] Mill Street, Ventnor (page 824)

1880 Kelly's Directory of Hants, Dorset & Wilts (page 352)
Frederick Hudson, lodging house, Osborne Villas, Ventnor

1885 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire (page 1291)
Frederick Hudson, Osborne Villas, St Boniface Road, Ventnor

Awards London 1873, Cornwall 1873, Falmouth 1874, Southampton 1876 & Philadelphia 1876

Hudson's bronze medal awarded for landscapes at the Southampton exhibition in 1876
My thanks to David Likar in Melbourne for supplying the above photo of Hudson's 1876 medal.
Evidence Found
1872 - dated photos by Hudson negative numbers 6265 & 6266
c1874 - estimated date of a Hudson photo with the negative number 9104 (see below)
c1875 - estimated date of a Hudson photo (see below)
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc

Example of a Hudson & Purnell photo c1874 with the negative number 9104.
Note the name Purnell has been crossed out on both the back and front.

A later example of a Hudson photo c1875 without his associate's name Purnell.
Note the addition of an award at Falmouth in 1874.

Apologies for the poor quality of the above photos!

Family History Frederick Hudson was born in 1821 at 3 Colt Street, Limehouse, Middx, the son of grocer Francis & Ann Hudson (nee Volckman, daughter of a drover John Volckman).

In 1848 Frederick married Elizabeth Ann Lee at Islington, London.  Elizabeth was born c1823 at Paddington.

At the time of the 1851 census, Frederick (age 30) was living at 4 Brunswick Parade, Islington along with his wife Elizabeth (age 27) and house servant Eliza Roulen (age 16). Frederick's occupation was an oilman.

At the time of the 1861 census, 39 year old Frederick was still living at 4&5 Brunswick Parade, Islington now working as a grocer and oilman. He was sole occupant of the premises. Meanwhile, his wife was found living at the High Street, Ventnor; 36 year old Elizabeth's occupation being that of a ladies outfitter. Along with Elizabeth were Elizabeth Agnes Hudson aged 5 visiting from London, described as her cousin, Sarah Ann Tharle from Rookley, an unmarried 18 year old ladies outfitter's assistant, and  Isabella Knapp, a 19 year old general servant from London.

By the time of the 1871 census, Frederick had joined Elizabeth on the IOW, where they were found living at 9 & 11 Mill Street, Ventnor. Frederick (age 49) was now working as a photographer, but no occupation was recorded for Elizabeth (age 47) so it is assumed she was no longer engaged as a ladies outfitter.

White's 1878 Directory (see above) indicates that Frederick and Elizabeth had taken on a private residence at 1 Regent Parade where they offered lodgings while, according to White's 1878 directory, he had apparently moved his photographic studio to 1 Mill Street. [This is assumed to be a printing error in the directory (1 instead of 11) as the photographer Edwin Forhead who took over the business was at 11 Mill Street].

By the time of the 1881 census, Frederick and Elizabeth had moved again to 1 Osborne Villas, Ventnor, where  Elizabeth (age 57) was described as a lodging house keeper assisted by a live-in servant Alice Otway. Frederick (age 59) was still recorded as being a photographer, but it is not known if he still used the Mill Street studio. Certainly by 1882, photographer Edwin Forhead had taken over Hudson's studio.

At some point in Frederick's photographic career in Ventnor he was in partnership with a person by the name of Purnell. A photo with the studio name 'Hudson & Purnell' has been found (see above) with the name Purnell crossed out on both the front and back. Research into who Purnell was has so far proved fruitless.

Frederick Hudson died aged 67 in 1889 and was buried in Ventnor Cemetery.  His wife Elizabeth joined him in 1907 at the age of 84.


Further Notes By coincidence, another photographer, Frederick Augustus Hudson (1818-1900) also from London, was found operating in London at the same time as Frederick on the IOW, but it is not known if the two were related.


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