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Photographer Vincent Hubbard
Active Period c1924-27
Lifespan Born:  Died: 
Studio Addresses 38 West Street, Ryde
Trade History 1924/25 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 485)
Vincent Hubbard, photographer, 38 West Street, Ryde

1927 Kelly's Directory of Hants & IOW (page 1106)
Vincent Hubbard, photographer, 38 West Street, Ryde

Evidence Found
1924 - estimated date of photos - see below
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc

Examples of Hubbard's photos and mounting card estimated to be 1924.

Close-up of Wilson's trade card.

My thanks to Ann Barrett for the above photos.

The photo on the left is of Reginald LONG, and the one on the right is of his wife Isabella (nee RUMSEY) and their daughter Suzanne who was born in 1921.

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