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Photographer William Robert Hogg
Active Period 1871 - 1901
Lifespan Born:  c1844   Southampton Died:  1928   IOW
Studio Addresses 60 Union Street, Ryde
2 Victoria Street, Ryde (abode 1871-81)
9 Anglesea Street, Ryde (abode 1891)
5 George Street, Ryde (abode 1901)
Associates Jabez Hughes
Trade History

1898 Kelly's Directory IOW
William Robert Hogg, tobacconist, 5 George Street, Ryde

1899 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & IOW
William Robert Hogg, tobacconist, 5 George Street, Ryde

1915 Kelly's Directory IOW
William Robert Hogg, tobacconist & sub post office, 3 George Street, Ryde


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RydeShop.jpg (18822 bytes)
Photo of Jabez Hughes' shop at 60 Union Street where William Hogg worked

Family History William Robert Hogg was reputedly born c1844 in Southampton, Hants, the son of a cordwainer Jonas Hogg from London. However, although his date and place of birth is consistent in all census returns from 1851 to 1911, his birth could not be confirmed in the GRO Indexes. Despite a thorough search spanning several years about 1844, no birth of a William Hogg was found registered in the Southampton area, though a William Robert Hogg was found registered in the third quarter of 1845 at Norwich. Strangely, neither could the births of his older siblings be found (also reputedly born in Southampton), though his younger siblings were readily found registered in Southampton.

At the time of the 1851 census, 6 year old William was found living with his parents and siblings at 15 Bevis Street, Southampton, Hants. The family comprised his father Jonas (38), mother Harriet (37 and from Portsea), and siblings George (10), Caroline (9), Edward (3) and Walter (1).

William and his older brother George moved to Ryde about 1860 to live with their uncle Henry Osman and family. Henry Osman was a baker in the High Street and, in the 1861 census, his 16 year old nephew William was working as a baker and grocer - presumably at Henry's shop.

William married Maria Whitney in 1865 at All Saints Church, Newchurch. Maria was from Ryde, a daughter of the late Richard Whitney (a former gardener) and his wife Mary (nee Warren). At the time of the 1861 census, the Whitney family was living at 2 Victoria Street, Ryde.

By the time of the 1871 census, William Hogg and family was living at 2 Victoria Street, Ryde - the house previously occupied by Maria's parents. In the census, William was described as a 26 year old photographic artist. Also living with William and Maria were their four children - Fanny (5), Alfred (4), Mary (3) and William (9 months). Sadly, another of their children, George (Alfred's twin), had died at the age of 6 months.

In the 1881 census, the family was found living at 12 Victoria Street, Ryde. However, it is probable the houses in Victoria Street had been renumbered sometime after 1871 and the family was actually still living in the same house, as some of their previous neighbours had retained their relative positions. By this time, the family had increased with the addition of further children - Walter Osman (7), Harry (5), Sidney (3) and Kate (1) (registered as Louisa Kate). A further child, Caroline, had been born c1872, but had died at the age of 11 months. Visiting the family on census night were four members of the Cristall family from London.

William's occupation was described as photographic assistant in the 1881 census; having obtained employment with the photographer Jabez Hughes at Regina House, 60 Union Street, Ryde where he trained as a photographic assistant. During his time with Jabez Hughes who had gained royal patronage, William was sent to Osborne House on many occasions to photograph Queen Victoria and members of the Royal family.

By the time of the 1891 census, the family had moved to 9 Anglesea Street, Ryde, with William now being described as a photographer (worker). Since Jabez Hughes had died in 1884, it is possible that William continued to work for his partner Gustav Mullins. At this census, in addition to his wife Maria, three children were at home - Walter, Harry and Louisa (Kate) - plus three visitors from the mainland.

By the time of the 1901 census, the family had moved again, this time to 5 George Street, Ryde. William's wife, Maria, had died in 1896, and the family now comprised of William and his three children Sidney, Mary and Louisa. William was still described as a photographer (worker), though in the Kelly's 1898 & 1899 Directories he was listed as a tobacconist. It is possible that Louisa was working in the shop as her occupation was described as a confectioner's shop assistant. Sidney was also working at home as a hairdresser, while Mary was the housekeeper.

By the time of the 1911 census, the family had moved to 3 George Street, Ryde. The family now comprised of William (66), described as a tobacconist & sub-postmaster, and unmarried daughter Louisa (31) a house keeper. Also visiting the family at that time was 18 year old Adelaide Batchelor from Woolwich.

Kelly's 1915 Directory confirms William was running a tobacconist shop and sub-post office at 3 George Street, Ryde

William Hogg died in November 1928 at the age of 84 and was buried at Ryde Cemetery, his wife Maria pre-deceasing him by some 32 years.

Although William may have given up photography as a career and taken up other occupations, he still took his plate camera around Ryde and from the negatives produced a series of post card views. He was also commissioned to photograph local families and their homes. Several books about the Island include excellent photos taken by William Hogg; two in particular being "Ryde Through The Lens Of William Hogg" by Roy Brinton and "Ryde Revisited" by Alan Stroud.

My thanks to Judi Phillips (a descendant of William Hogg's family) in Australia for contributing to the above family history.


Further Notes Further information about William & Maria Hogg and details of their graves can be found on the Ryde Social Heritage Group website at 


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