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Photographer William D Groundsell
Active Period  
Lifespan Born:  Died: 
Studio Addresses Shanklin & Bembridge
Trade History None found to date
Evidence Found

- estimated date of photo - see below
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc

Example of a Groundsell's photo and back showing Bembridge studio, estimated to be c1880.
(Another researcher informed of a Groundsell photo having a Shanklin studio address, but a copy was not provided)

My thanks to Peter Chick for the above photo.


Family History It possible that photographer W D Groundsell was the William Drake Groundsell (c1827-1917) from Wootton found living at Pencil Cottage Shanklin in 1881, but in that and other census returns he is described as a house decorator. Further evidence is required to prove that they are the same person.
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