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Photographer Wallace Henry Carley
Active Period 1878 - 1925
Lifespan Born:  1859  Ryde, IOW Died:  1925  Southsea, Hants
Studio Addresses 96 Arthur Street, Ryde
95 Arthur Street, Ryde
Trade History 1898 Kelly's Directory IOW (pages 231 & 375)
Wallace Henry Carley, 96 Arthur Street, Ryde

1899 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & IOW (page 635)
Wallace Henry Carley, photographer, 96 Arthur Street, Ryde

1921/22 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 729)
Wallace Henry Carley, photographer, 95 Arthur Street, Ryde

1924/25 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 485)
Wallace Henry Carley, photographer, 95 Arthur Street, Ryde

Evidence Found
1878 - estimated date of photo - see below
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc
Carley PhotoCarley Photo 2
Examples of Wallace Carley's photos and mounting card
The subject on the left is my great-grandfather, Charles Henry Carley c1878.
The one on the right is also from my family album but the subject is unknown.
Note the different addresses - 96 High Street and 96 Arthur Street!


Family History Wallace Henry Carley was born in Ryde in 1859, the eldest son of Wallace Wheeler Carley (a railway bookings clerk) and his wife Harriet (nee Warne). At the time of the 1861 census, 1 year old Wallace Henry was living with his parents at 3 Trinity Street, Ryde. Also living with the family was Wallace snr's brother Felix Carley. Wallace snr died in 1866, and by the time of the 1871 census, 11 year old Wallace Henry, his younger brother George and his widowed mother Harriet were living at 2 The Strand, Ryde. Wallace had had two more younger brothers, Frederick and Arthur, but they had both died in childhood.

At the time of the 1881 census, 21 year old Wallace Henry was found living with his widowed aunt Caroline Carley and family at Mile End, East London. In that census, Wallace was described as a photographer.

In 1883, Wallace married Harriet Vaughan from West Malling, Kent and they were to have three children; Wallace Vaughan (1883), Nellie (1885) & Gertrude May (1887). Wallace Vaughan was born in Clapton, London and the two girls in Ryde; indicating the family probably returned to the IOW c1884.

It has not been ascertained when Wallace started his career as a photographer, though photographic evidence (see above) suggests he may have been established in Ryde before he went to stay with his aunt in London. In the 1891 census, Wallace and his family were living at 96 Arthur Street, Ryde where his wife was later to let out apartments. This was next door to his widowed mother and younger brother George at number 97.

Wallace and family were still living at 96 Arthur Street at the time of the 1901 census, with Wallace being described as a photographer working at home on his own account.

By the time of the 1911 census, Wallace (51), his unmarried daughters Nellie (25) & May (23) and widowed mother Harriet (75) were living at 95 Arthur Street. His wife Harriet (51) was living away as a visitor in Dover at the time.

In the 1920 Electoral Register, Wallace was found living at 96 Arthur Street, while his mother continued to live number 95. By 1924/25, Wallace had also moved into number 95 Arthur Street.

Wallace Henry Carley died suddenly on 4 January 1925 whilst visiting his daughter Gertrude and son-in-law at their home in Southsea.  Wallace was buried in Ryde Cemetery later in the week following a service at the Cemetery Chapel. His wife Harriet died in 1930 and was also buried at Ryde Cemetery.

According to an obituary published in the IW County Press on 10 Jan 1925, Wallace was a well-known figure in Ryde; having been secretary of the Ryde Royal Regatta for many years and a prominent member of the Buffaloes. Wallace had attended the funeral of fellow member of the Buffaloes, Edward Jennings, and in the report in the IW County Press on 19 March 1904, Wallace was listed as the Provincial Grand Secretary.

His daughter Nellie Carley became a well-known singer and member of the Ryde Philharmonic Society. Nellie died in 1957 and was buried in the family grave at Ryde Cemetery, as was her younger sister Gertrude (now Thompson) and her husband Thomas much later.

Further information about Wallace Carley and details of his family graves can be found on the Ryde Social Heritage Group website at 

Further Notes "AUDITORS' ELECTION - This election took place on Monday at the Town-hall [Ryde]. The candidates were Messrs R A Padmore and W Hopgood, the outgoing auditors, and Mr J Cooper. The poll was taken by Messrs W H Carley and G Stamp for the east ward and Messrs F W Munt and Gilmore for the west ward. ..." - IW County Press, 7 Mar 1903.

My thanks to Ann & Les Barrett for supplying the above press cutting.

Despite tracing Wallace Henry Carley's line back several generations, I have not yet found a link between his family and mine. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who may have the missing pieces to this puzzle!


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