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Photographer Frederick Nutt Broderick
Active Period 1878 - 1913
Lifespan Born:  c1854   Kennington, London Died:  1913   Ryde, IOW
Studio Addresses St Thomas's Square, Ryde (1876)
Aurora Villa, 38 West Street, Ryde
Associates Frederick Nutt Broderick (father)
Emily Broderick (wife)
Trade History 1898 Kelly's Directory of IOW (pages 247 & 551)
Frederick Nutt Broderick, photographer, Aurora Villa, 38 West Street, Ryde

1899 Kelly's Directory of Hants & IOW (page 634)
Frederick Nutt Broderick, photographer, 38 West Street, Ryde

1906 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 662)
Frederick Nutt Broderick, photographer, Aurora Villa, West Street, Ryde

1910 Kelly's Directory of IOW
Frederick Nutt Broderick, photographer, Aurora Villa, West Street, Ryde

1915 Kelly's Directory of Hants & IOW (page 1089)
Mrs E Broderick, photographer, 38 West Street, Ryde

Evidence Found
Many of F N Broderick's photographs have been published in books recording bygone days on the IOW. Two books known to have an extensive range of examples are Roy Brinton's 'Edwardian Isle' (1992) and  Andrew Swift's 'Edwardian Life on the IOW' (2000). The latter records views, events and disasters from c1904-12.
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc

A Broderick advertisement from the IW Observer, 28 January 1882

Another Broderick advertisement from the IW Observer, 10 September 1887

Another Broderick advertisement from the IW Observer, 25 January 1890


Family History Frederick Nutt Broderick was born in Kenington, London c1854, the son of an engraver and printer, Frederick Nutt Broderick snr (born c1826, Clerkenwell, London) and his wife Ellen nee Edwards (born c1825, Clapham, London).

Sometime before 1857, the family moved from London to the Isle of Wight. The 1861 census records the family living at St Thomas' Square, Ryde, where 35 year old Frederick snr was occupied as a steel & copper plate engraver. The family included their three children - Frederick Nutt jnr (age 7), Vectis Mary (age 4) and Primrose Ellen (age 1); Frederick jnr having been born in Kennington, London and his younger sisters in Ryde. Also living with the family was Frederick snr's father, Benjamin Broderick, a 66 year old retired watchmaker from Clerkenwell, London.

At the time of the 1851 census, Benjamin Broderick was living in Lambeth, London; head of the house and recorded as a 56 year old widowed former watchmaker. Also living with Benjamin was his unmarried son, Frederick (snr), aged 25 and described as a copper plate worker, and his 50 year old unmarried brother, Richard, a former tin worker. It is interesting to note that Richard's surname is given as Nutt, suggesting a previous connection between the Broderick and Nutt families. None of these three people have yet been positively identified in the 1841 census which might have yielded further clues.

The 1871 census records the family still living at St Thomas' Square, Ryde; the family comprising Frederick snr (age 45), his wife Ellen (age 45), Frederick jnr (age 16) and two new daughters, Zenobia Virginia (age 7) and Olivera Lida (age 5), both having been born in Ryde. Their previous daughters, Vectis Mary and Primrose Ellen, had both died in 1863 and were buried at Ryde Cemetery. The 1871 census also records that Frederick snr was an engraver, printer & stationer, and Frederick jnr a newsagent. However, in 1878, Frederick jnr entered into business with his father, producing prints and stereoscopic views. Newspaper articles (see below) confirm that Frederick jnr was well established as a photographer by 1876.

By the time of the 1881 census, the family had moved to Aurora Cottage, 38 West Street, Ryde, by which time Frederick jnr (now age 26) was recognised as being a photographer. In the mid-1880's, Frederick jnr married Emily Harrold and they had two daughters: Aurora Hope Mary (born 1886) and Emmeline Constance Liberta (born 1888). The young family, including Frederick jnr's widowed mother Ellen, was found living in the former family home at 38 West Street, Ryde, in the 1891 census; Frederick snr having died in 1889. Likewise, in the 1901 census, the family was still at the same address, with the exception of Frederick jnr's widowed mother Ellen. Ellen Broderick was then in lodgings in Sandown along with her married daughter Olivera England and grandson Milton England, born 1898 in Shanklin. In both the 1891 and 1901 censuses, Frederick jnr was described as a photographer employer (at home). Frederick jnr's mother Ellen died in 1903 and was buried at Ryde Cemetery.

Frederick Nutt Broderick's photographic business was established when picture postcards were being introduced into England. In the 1900's, Broderick travelled along the south coast taking photographs of seaside towns, later publishing them as picture postcards; including a number of postcards featuring views of Hastings in 1905 and 1907. His eldest daughter Aurora acted as his assistant and, rather predictably, when he issued his postcards of Hastings, he published them as the "Aurora" series. A photograph taken around 1910 showing a white bearded Broderick with his wife Emily and his two daughters, Aurora and Emmeline, appeared in a recent book on Hastings in old photographs.

The name "Aurora" obviously had special significance for the Broderick family. Their house at 38 West Street, Ryde was called Aurora Villa (though it is not known if the Broderick's named it so), Frederick jnr named his first daughter Aurora and he published the Aurora series of postcards.

Frederick Nutt Broderick died in Nov 1913 and was buried at Ryde Cemetery. His wife Emily continued to run the business for a few years, possibly until her death in 1918 also buried at Ryde Cemetery. Their two daughters, Aurora and Emmeline, both married in Ryde (1914 and 1916 respectively) and are believed to have left the Island.

My thanks to David Simkin for contributing to the above historical notes.

Extended family notes:
It has since been discovered that F N Broderick jnr's sisters Zenobia and Olivera both emigrated to Australia some time after 1881 and were married there; Zenobia to an Australian land agent & solicitor Ralph Ward Tomlinson in 1893 and Olivera to Charles Henry England in 1894 (ref

Olivera obviously returned to the Island shortly after her marriage, as her son Milton was born in 1898 at Shanklin (see above family history).

At some stage, Zenobia was adopted by an Australian barrister, politician & faith-healer George Milner Stephen. He died at her residence in Brunswick, Victoria in 1894, and his obituary gives some details of Zenobia's family (ref The Town & County Journal, NSW 27 Jan 1894

Further details of Ralph & Zenobia's family and abodes can be found their respective death announcements in The Argus, Melbourne; Ralph in issue 28 Sep 1918 (ref and Zenobia in issue 4 Apr 1925 (ref

My thanks to Doug Butler for contributing the above extended family notes.

Further Notes

IN THE TRACK OF THE TORNADO AT COWES. - Our enterprising young townsman, Mr. Broderick, of St Thomas's-square,has just published a series of most interesting photographs which illustrate better than anything we have seen, the effects of the recent whirlwind (or whatever it was) at Cowes. The photographs have been taken with the clearness and effect, for which our young townsman is becoming noted, and which characterise all his productions. There are nine photographs in all, and the ruinous condition of the Globe Hotel, Mr Redfern's house, as well as other places is shown most vividly. The great uprooted trees in Ruffin's copse, and the startling effects upon the barks of others, are clearly pourtrayed[sic], and give almost as good an idea of what the whirlwind effected as a visit to the spot would do. We anticipate an extensive sale for these excellent momentoes[sic] of one of the most surprising natural phenomena ever remembered in the Island.
 - IW Observer, 21 October 1876

THE PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE TRACK OF THE TORNADO. - Since we last xalled attention to this very clever series of photographs which Mr. F. N. Broderick is issuing under the above title, several fresh ones have been added...
The article continues saying that Broderick had submitted some photographs to an exhibition by the Photographic Society of Great Britain, and was one of the guests at a soiree given by the president of the society last week.

 - IW Observer, 11 November 1876

My thanks to Phil Johnson for bringing the above press articles to my attention.

THE RECOVERY OF THE EURYDICE. - Our young townsman, Mr. F. N. Broderick, has succeeded in taking some very excellent photographs of the Eurydice, as she lay beached on the shore at Redcliff, with the Government tugs around her. These can be obtained of all stationers, and we have no doubt that hundreds will purchase these accurate representations of a mournful scene.
 - IW Observer, 10 August 1878

Mr. F. N. BRODERICK has taken an excellent photograph of the starters in the bicycle race just as they were waiting for Mr. Dudley Watkins to say "GO!"  There is a spirited and lifelike look about the photo which shows it to have been taken instantly.
 - IW Observer, 24 November 1883

Mr. F. N. BRODERICK, jun, secured a very admirable photograph of the procession as it started from the grand stand, and came along the Esplanade, and the clearness with which every detail is given show that the photograph was an instantaneous one. We are certain many of those who won prizes on the occasion will be glad of such an interesting souvenier.
IW Observer, 9 May 1885
[In the article above, they are referring to the Ryde Horse, Carriage, Donkey and Goat Show, and the presentation of prizes near the Boating Lake.]

Mr. F. N. Broderick's 130 lantern slides illustrating the game of football have been warmly praised by the British Journal of Photography, which refers to them as most novel and successful, and well worthy of the compliments bestowed upon them. Mr. Broderick's name is included in the list of 250 fellows of the Royal Photographic Society recently published. Of course there is a great deal of jealousy about this privilege, but the Journal of Photography asserts that the honour is not easily won.
IW Observer, 25 February 1889

Our townsman, Mr. F. N. Broderick, has reached Pearisbourg, Giles County, Virginia, and this is how the enterprising editor of the Pearisbourg Virginian announces his arrival: "From England. ---Mr. F. N. Broderick, nephew of Mr. H. W. Broderick, who was County Clerk before his death some years since, has stopped with his aunt, Mrs. Broderick for a while. He has had quite an extended trip to Niagara, the World's Fair and other places of interest. He has taken many scenes on his route, with a small Kodac. He has taken many views around the town, and will soon visit Angel's Rest, Mountain Lake, and other places of interest, taking some views there also. We are pleased to have him among us, and hope his stay in our mountains may be pleasant. He is just from England, and no doubt our rough country is quite a change to him. Mr. Broderick has our thanks for a copy of his home paper, The Isle of Wight Observer. This paper from England, has eight pages, and we are well pleased with it.
 - IW Observer, 15 July 1893

The British Journal of Photography remarks in its last issue: "We confess to a feeling of envy of those who, on a recent occasion, were privileged to be present in the Large Town Hall, Ryde, Isle of Wight, to witness a great number of choice views of American scenery, and incidents of American life by the renowned Ryde artist, Mr. F. N. Broderick, who has done so much to make Isle of Wight scenery familiar to nearly every one in the South of England. Mr. Broderick is so deservedly noted for the beauty of his numerous Isle of Wight views that we can readily understand what his American ones must be, even without having seen them."
 - IW Observer, 7 April 1894

That Mr F N Broderick's 130 lantern slides illustrating the game of football have been warmly praised by the British Journal of Photography, which refers to them as most novel and successful, and well worthy of the compliments bestowed upon them.
            *      *     *
That Mr Broderick's name is included in the list of 250 Fellows of the Royal Photographic Society recently published.
            *     *     *
That, of course, there is a great deal of jealousy about this privilege, but the Journal of Photography asserts that the honour is not easily won.
 - IW Observer, 25 February 1899

My thanks to Ann Barrett for supplying the above press cuttings. 

Further information about Frederick Nutt Broderick snr, his obituary and grave details can be found on the Ryde Social Heritage Group website at  Grave details of Frederick jnr and other family members are also available on the website.


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