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Photographer Arthur Percival Biggs
Active Period 1901-1916+
Lifespan Born:  c1880  Ryde, IOW Died:  1951  Ryde, IOW
Studio Addresses 17 Nelson Street, Ryde 1901
49 Monkton Street, Ryde c1911
Associates possibly Charles Biggs (possible relative)
and Arthur Percival Biggs (possible relative)
Trade History  
Evidence Found
none found to date
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc
Family History

Arthur Percival Biggs was born in 1880 at Ryde, the son of a tram conductor Samuel Biggs and his wife Lucy (nee Cooper). Samuel had been born c1831 in Ryde and Lucy c1835 in Brading; the couple being married in 1856 at All Saints Church, Newchurch.

In the 1881 census the family is shown living at 17 Nelson Place, Ryde, with 1 year old Arthur (recorded as Percy) having older sisters Ellen, Frances and Lily.

In the 1891 census the family is shown living at 5 Nelson Place, Ryde, with 11 year old Arthur now being a scholar and having older sisters Frances and Lily. Although their 59 year old father Samuel was recorded as being married, he was actually a widower as his wife Lucy had died in 1882.

In the 1901 census the family is shown living at 17 Nelson Street, Ryde, with 21 year old Arthur now being recorded as a photographer on his own account. Arthur was still living with his widowed father and older sisters Harriet[sic] and Lily.

Arthur married Edith Maud Morey (born in Ryde c1885) in 1906 at Ryde, and at the time of the 1911 census the couple were living at 49 Monkton Street, Ryde, with Arthur still being recorded as a photographer. Also living with them were their five children Edith (5), Arthur (3), Bertha (2), Muriel (1) and Philip (5 months).

Arthur and Edith had five more children after Philip up to 1919, and was still recorded as a photographer on the birth record of at least one, Norah, in 1914.

Arthur Percival Biggs died in 1951 at the age of 71 and was buried at Ryde Cemetery alongside his sisters Frances and Lily who had pre-deceased him. Arthur's wife Edith Maud died the following year (1952) and was also buried at Ryde Cemetery.

Further information about Arthur Biggs and details of his family graves can be found on the Ryde Social Heritage Group website at 

Arthur P. Biggs, 36, married, photographer and wholesale postcard factor, claimed exemption on business grounds. If he had to join up and go away he would lose the small connection that had taken him 15 years to work up. There was no one else to carry it on. He was not in good health. He was married and had eight children.-The Mayor: Oh! eight children. I should go if I were you.-The Military Representative: Do you know what you would get if you went.-Applicant: about 33/- a week sir, I think but that doesn't go far now-a-days.-The Mayor: You think you would be better off without it.-Applicant: Yes sir.- Military Representative: But they want men like you in the Army-men of your training.-Applicant: I tried to join the Engineers eighteen years ago and they wouldn't look at me then.-The Mayor: You think you have not improved since then.-Applicant: No sir, gone back.-Conditional exemption was granted.
  -  IW Times, 6 July 1916

My thanks to Ann Barrett for locating the above article.

Another Biggs photographer, George St John Biggs (1880-1951), was active in Ryde who may be distantly related to Arthur, though any possible connection awaits further research.


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