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Photographer Newton Barrie   &  Barry & Mullins
Active Period c1910 - 1935
Lifespan Born:  Died: 
Studio Addresses 64 Union Street, Ryde
Associates Gustav Mullins
Edna Barrie (dau?)
Trade History

1924/25 Kelly's Directory of IOW (page 485)
Newton Barrie, photographer, 64 Union Street, Ryde

1927 Kelly's Directory of Hants & IOW (page 1105)
Barrie & Mullins, photographer, 64 Union Street, Ryde

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An advertisement from the IW Times dated 15 December 1927

My thanks to Ann Barrett for locating the above advertisement.

Family History


Sometime after Gustav Mullins was made bankrupt in 1910, he entered into a partnership with the photographer Newton Barrie at 64 Union Street. After Mullins' death in 1921, the business continued under the name BARRIE & MULLINS until around 1935.


Further Notes

ANOTHER TALE OF WIGHT BEAUTY. -- Since our last weeks report of the “Daily Graphic” Beauty Competition we learn that Miss Betty Raymond, of Newport, has also been selected for this weeks final voting and Messrs Barrie and Mullins of Ryde are again the successful photographers. All will be pleased to learn that such a popular and clever young lady as Miss Betty Raymond should earn this mark of distinction. We also learn a large portrait of Miss Eileen Erskine the recent winning picture of “Daily Mirror” is exhibited at the Ideal Home Exhibition.
- IW Times 20 March 1924

    As recently stated in a brief note, a most remarkable photograph of Ryde 1927, taken from the sea, has been produced by Messrs. Barrie and Mullins, Union Street, by what is known as composition photography, the first we believe of the kind taken in the Island.   Although it was a most trying and difficult subject the firm felt themselves fully recompensed through the fact of being honoured by Her Majesty the Queen who accepted the first proof and by the Governor of the Island, H.R.H. Princess Beatrice who accepted a copy and described it as most interesting.  Our new Mayor (Alderman J. Benham Purnell) was one of the first to see it before it was finished and said it was a most remarkable piece of photography.  Naturally as he is this year’s President of the Ryde Advertising Association under whose auspices the work was carried out he has an eye to the interests of Ryde from that standpoint.
     The photograph is the outcome of 25 ordinary snapshot photos and it will be of interest to the many amateurs to learn as to how the production was brought about as in the ordinary way of photography it could not be done.  Mr E. R. Saunders, the secretary of the Ryde Advertising Association, called upon Messrs. Barrie and Mullins at their studio, early in June last, and asked if it was possible to obtain a photograph of “Ryde from the Sea” as he required a copy for the Association’s purpose also for Southern Railway and one for the large American liners to show as a lantern slide for advertising the Island amongst visitors.  The firm were rather reluctant to undertake the commission as they did not think it, would be possible to produce such a difficult subject as looking at Ryde from the sea the Pier would hide everything in a westerly direction and the same from the west including the New Pavilion, which is one of the latest attractions on the Front.  The town would also be obscured.  The- next trouble was the amount of sky and sea and Mr Newton Barrie showed us a snapshot to prove this.  However Mr Saunders obtained a written order allowing Mr Barrie to go aboard any of the Railway Co's steamboats thinking he might be able to obtain a view from the bridge but although the first attempt was absolutely futile, he did on the boat arriving at Portsmouth take a snap which gave him the first idea how he could surmount the difficulty of water but only passengers in this view were taken.  These figures were put into another photograph of the “Balmoral" which was taken when she was arriving at Bournemouth, the deck being crowded with passengers and the others including Ryde from the "Lorna Doone'' which is in the foreground.  The latter is shown leaving the Pier but actually when taken it was arriving there.  The scene is one absolutely full of interest the sun breaking through the clouds and shining on All Saints Parish Church whilst the sea is alive with craft of all descriptions -- the Southern Railway steamboats, motor boats, yachts and rowing boats the latter being well represented by the Ryde Rowing Club.  One of their galleys is pulling up to allow a steamboat to pass.  Aeroplanes are observed flying about and altogether the picture is full of life.  The exceptionally [r]ough weather was against photography and therefore the result is all the more creditable bearing in mind how successfully it was taken under such circumstances.  We were shown the original photograph and there is no doubt when a few thousand postcards get distributed over the British Isles by visitors it will be one of the best advertisement that Ryde has ever had.
     We were informed that Messrs Barrie and Mullins have been commissioned to produce a similar one to be ready as early as possible for the season as it can be seen there is a great future for this kind of advertising.
     The firm have another scheme under consideration which will be quite equal if not better as an advertisement for Ryde and which it is hoped will secure the help of the Corporation to bring it to a successful issue.
- IW Times 8 December 1927

MR. BARRIE BETTER. -- We are pleased to learn that Mr. Barrie, Photographer, of Union Street, who has been confined to his bed since July, has shown great improvement during the last few weeks and is now able to leave his bed for a few hours daily. He wishes to thank his friends for their kind enquiries.
- IW Times 28 December 1928

RYDE LADY PHOTOGRAPHER’S SUCCESS. -- Miss Edna Barrie, of Barrie and Mullins, photographers, Union street, Ryde, has had the honour of having one of her child studies accepted and hung by the Professional Photographers Association at their exhibition of Great Britain and Ireland, at the Prince’s Galleries, Piccadilly, London. “Avarice,” a general study by Mr Newton Barrie, is also one of the especially mentioned features of the exhibition. These studies will be on view in the windows after their return from London.
- IW Times 26 September 1929

My thanks to Ann Barrett for supplying the above press cuttings.


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