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Photographer John Kenneth Alderslade
Active Period 1871 - 1881
Lifespan Born:  1843  Carisbrooke, IOW Died:  1924  IOW
Studio Addresses 8 Lower St James Street, Newport (1871)
9 Lower St James Street, Newport (1881)
Associates Charles Alderlade, son
Trade History 1871 Census
John K Alderslade, photographer, 8 St James Street, Newport

1875 Kelly's Directory IOW
John Kenneth Alderslade, photographer, 8 Lower St James Street, Newport

1881 Census
John K Alderslade, photographer & picture framer, 9 St James Street, Newport

1898 Kelly's Directory IOW (page 165)
John Kenneth Alderslade, house decorator, 45 High Street, Newport
Charles Alderslade, picture frame maker, 9 Lower St James Street, Newport

1899 Kelly's Directory IOW (page 619)
John Kenneth Alderslade, painter & decorator, 45 High Street, Newport
Charles Alderslade, picture frame maker & artists' materials dealer, 9 St James Street, Newport


Evidence Found
pre-1871 - estimated date of photo - see below
- estimated date of photo - see below
1896 - print of a photo by Charles Alderslade - see below
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Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc

An early example of J K Alderslade's photo and back estimated pre 1871
Note the address - "5 Lower St James St, Four doors below the Star Inn"

My thanks to Anna Buckett for the above photo.

JAlderslade1.jpg (19050 bytes)JAlderslade2.jpg (23960 bytes)
Example of J K Alderslade's photo and back estimated date 1874-76

My thanks to James Downer (Maidstone) for the above photo.

The above photo is of Joseph Cheverton JUPE (James' g-grandfather) who was a boy sailor at Portsmouth on HMS St Vincent from July 1874 - April 1876.

Alderslade2.jpg (48484 bytes)
A print from an engraving made of a photo taken by Charles Alderslade of the Asylum nearing completion in 1896.

My thanks to Ann Barrett for finding the above print.

Family History John Kenneth Alderslade (JKA) was born in 1843 at Carisbrooke, the son of a master plumber John Alderslade and his wife Mary, nee Pibworth, both originally from Portsmouth. The 1851 census records 8 year old JKA living with his parents and siblings at Lower St James Street, Newport. The birth dates of his older sisters indicate the family moved to the Island some time between 1833 and 1838.

By the time of the 1861 census, the family had moved to nearby 48 High Street, Newport, and 18 year old JKA was now occupied as a painter; presumably working for his father who was a plumber & painter employing 2 men & 2 boys.

In 1965, John Kenneth Alderslade married a Jane Maria Butler from Cowes and, by the time of the 1871 census, had produced three children; Mary (1866), Charles (1868) and John Butler (1870). The 1871 census records the family living at 8 St James Street, with 27 year old John occupied as a photographer. Meanwhile, his parents and siblings had apparently moved from 48 to 45 High Street, Newport.

By the time of the 1881 census, the family had apparently moved to an adjacent property at 9 St James Street, Newport, and John was recorded as being a photographer & picture framer. Also living with John in 1881 were his wife Jane and their previously listed children Mary, Charles & John plus an additional daughter Martha Annie who had been born in 1872. The eldest daughter Mary, now 14, was recorded as being a photographer's assistant. John and Jane also had a further son, William Marden born in 1875, but at the time of the 1881 census he was living with his aunt and uncle in Lincoln.

JKA's father plumber John snr died in 1888 and, by the time of the 1891 census, JKA and his and family had moved to his parent's former home at 45 High Street. Meanwhile, his recently widowed mother, Mary, had swapped places and was living at 9 St James Street along with her daughter Mary. In the 1891 census, JKA was recorded as being a painter & plumber, and living with him were his wife, Jane, sons Charles (a picture frame maker), John (a solicitor's clerk), William (a printer's shop assistant) and daughter Mary. His daughter Mary (the photographer's assistant in 1881) had married Alfred Abraham in 1888 and was living nearby.

It is likely that the swapping of houses occurred soon after John senior's death in 1888 so that JKA could continue his father's decorating business at 45 High Street. By this time, his son Charles was old enough to manage the photographic and picture framing business by himself. Charles married Alice Cave in 1893 and, with his grandmother's death in 1895, probably took this opportunity of moving his business to 9 St James Street.

At the time of the 1901 census, John Kenneth Alderslade was still working as a painter & plumber, Charles as a picture frame maker and William as a printer & plumber's assistant.

John Kenneth Alderslade died in July 1924, age 81 - just two months after his wife Jane Maria; being buried in adjacent graves at Newport Fairlee Cemetery.

It is thought that Charles Alderslade moved away from the Island sometime after 1901 as no further evidence of him being there has been found.

Further Notes Note - despite further research, it has not been possible to determine if JKA's published studio addresses of 5, 8 & 9 Lower St James Street were actually different premises. It is possible that he stayed in the same place and the premises were renumbered. Likewise, the same for his parent's recorded addresses of 45 & 48 High Street.


Photographer Charles Alderslade
Active Period c1898
Lifespan Born:  c1879  Newport, IOW Died: 
Studio Addresses Newport
Station Road, Freshwater
Associates John Kenneth Alderlade
Trade History 1898 Kelly's Directory IOW (pages 104 & 551)
Charles Alderslade, Station Road, Freshwater

1899 Kelly's Directory IOW (pages 609 & 947)
Charles Alderslade, Station Road, Freshwater Station

Evidence Found
1897-98 - estimated date of photo below - note the address of Newport
Examples of
Trade Cards,
Adverts, etc
CAlderslade1.jpg (23048 bytes)
Example of a Charles Alderslade's photo estimated date 1897-98

My thanks to Angela McMurtry (Queensland) for the above photo.

The photo is of Alfred John DAVIS (sailmaker of Cowes), his wife Amelia Louise (nee STEPHENS) and the first three of their eventual nine children.

Family History Charles Alderslade was probably the son of the photographer John Kenneth Alderslade; being born c1879 in Newport. The 1881 census shows that JK had a son named Charles who was listed as a 12 year old scholar. Furthermore, it is likely that Charles took over his father's photographic business c1890; thereby freeing his father to manage his own father's decorating business. If that is the case, then Charles may have relocated the photographic studio to Freshwater, or managed both the Newport and Freshwater studios in parallel. The above photo example and Kelly's Directory references indicate both locations were in use by Charles c1898.

Interestingly, Kelly's 1898 & 1899 Directories also list a Charles Alderslade at 9 St James Street, Newport (where John Kenneth and son Charles were living in 1881), but this Charles is listed as a 'picture frame maker & artists' materials dealer'. Perhaps this was another of photographer Charles' occupations!

Further Notes I would welcome any further directory lookups, photo examples or other evidence that might help to confirm the photographic activities of John Kenneth and Charles Alderslade.

PARKHURST ... "CHARLES ALDERSLADE, 9 St James's Street, Newport. - Just opened, Art and Photographic Studio and Gallery. Photography in all branches; old and faded photos copied and enlarged to any size and finished in oil or water-colour monochrome. Lessons given and amateurs supplied with photographic materials. Outdoor photography will receive special attention. Groups, family, wedding, and football. Photographic department under the management of Mr A Benjafield."
  -  IW County Press, 27 June 1896 (page 7)

My thanks to Ann Barrett for locating the above article.


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