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Some more people unknown to me - do you recognise them?

P15c.jpg (3844 bytes) P19b.jpg (3294 bytes) P19d.jpg (3234 bytes) P21.jpg (3244 bytes)

Unknown P15c


Photo taken by Harts, 179/181 City Road, Leytonstone

Unknown P19b


Photo taken by M Henri? & Co, 314 Holloway Road, London
Negative no. 3566

Unknown P19d


Photo taken by W Wright, 188/190 Bethnal Green Road, London

Unknown P21


Photo taken by C J Hopkins, Hampden House, Epsom

P24b.jpg (3001 bytes) P24d.jpg (1963 bytes) P27.jpg (4050 bytes) P28.jpg (3997 bytes)

Unknown P24b

Photo taken by Matthews & Sons, 43 St Johns Road, Ryde

Unknown P24d

Photo taken by J E Briddon, 137 High Street, Ventnor

Unknown P27

Photo taken by Briddon, 137 High Street, Ventnor

Unknown P28

No studio details
Negative no. P48383

P29a.jpg (3078 bytes) P29b.jpg (2534 bytes)

P30a.jpg (3126 bytes)

P30b.jpg (3000 bytes)

Unknown P29a

Photo taken by American Photographic Studio, 167 Commercial Road, Landport, Portsmouth
Negative no. 10483

Unknown P29b

Photo taken by Charles Koenig, 373 Edgware Road, Maida Vale, London
Negative no. 20223

Lapel number "1283"

Unknown P30a

Photo taken by E Forehead (Late F Hudson) of Ventnor

Unknown P30b

Photo taken by Purdue, Church Street, Ventnor

All the above undated photos probably taken c1880

If you recognise any of the faces or names, then please e-mail me at

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